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Gerrit P. Expo @ Tolbar Amsterdam

Money, 2015

Sometimes a little self promotion is allowed right? Besides starting Art Loves Sport to promote everything sportart, I also make art myself. Collages of newspapers, pictures, magazines accompanied by music lyrics or other written texts. Signing them with my alias Gerrit P.

Last week I opened my first expo at Tolbar Amsterdam. And it will run until December 28! Very proud of this. As you can imagine there is also a lot of sport inspired art. You get inspired by what you love and do right?

The first serie I ever made was '98-'00. As a teenager I collected every sports section from the newspaper and made my own scrapbooks of everything football and especially my club Ajax Amsterdam. I never threw them away and found them again a couple of years ago. That's when I started making collages and cut-outs of the stars, or said-to-be-stars of the future (didn't all make it), and funny or interesting quotes and sports moments of the moments between '98-'00. Hence the name for the series!

At the moment the series Music History and Three are the ones I'm working on and again a lot of sports inspired collages happen to appear. Strange huh? In these series cut-outs and cut-up portraits of sports stars of today and old are accompanied by music lyrics typed with an original typewriter. All telling some parts of history in one single image. Money Mayweather, Manny Pac, Mike Tyson, Arjen Robben, Maradona, Winston Bogarde, Sepp Blatter, Guus Hiddink and many more.

So if you are in Amsterdam go check out the expo and all the works (because this is only a snippet)! I'm really interested in hearing what you think of it. And who knows, maybe I will give myself a feature on the site in the future!

You can follow me on Instagram (@martijnpool) or on Twitter (@Martijn_Pool) to keep yourself updated about my art making.

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