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Eadweard Muybridge


Eadweard was one bad man. One of the most eccentric inventors of his time, but also the cold blooded killer of the man who his young wife was having an affair with. And the man who got away with it on a verdict of 'justifiable homicide'. The good old times. 


Afterwards he resumed his inventors work and was responsable for capturing movement on film, laying the groundwork for motion pictures and proving horses have a flying moment. The works here, of wrestlers, boxers and athletes, weren't necessarily meant as art, but in my eyes, and the MoMA and Tate Modern, are. 


Enjoy more of his work and the stories behind the man here:

Jean-Michel Basquiat


'One of the stars from the pop-art movement, who was also inspired by sports and their stars during his short, but prolific career.'

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