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Interview Paulo Consentino

Last Tuesday a gigantic mural of our late Dutch football legend Johan Cruijff was unveiled by the mayor of Amsterdam. You can find the mural on the corner of Anfieldroad and Wembleylane (no joke!), in the neighbourhood Cruijff grew up.


The man asked for the job was Brazilian painter and street artist Paulo Consentino. He and his crew flew in and stayed here for two weeks. I had the pleasure of hanging out with this relaxed artist a couple of hours and talk art, football and life. Brazilian online artist 8bit football also joined to meet a fellow countrymen living for football and art. This gave me the chance to get to know the man Paulo and ask him some questions.


Who is Paulo Consentino?

A proud Brazilian painter, who’s goal is to paint football inspired murals world wide.


Where do you reside?

I currently live in Barcelona, but are starting to think about moving to Lisbon. 


How would you describe your style?

Big, bold, colourful artworks on buildings. 


When did you start making football art?

I grew up in a football family and my dad knew Pele. So I was a Santos fan from birth and grew up idolising Pele. Since I was a kid I started drawing football players and when I got older and got into graffiti, it was a logical step to start making football murals.

What does it mean to you to make this mural of Cruijff?

This is truly a special assignment and one of the best moments of my life. Cruijff is amazing. He was THE guy when Pele retired. I watched him when I was young and he was THE guy from Europe. Me doing a mural of him is truly incredible. The Cruijff one is actually my new absolute favourite. Very special to be here, to make as a Brazilian a mural of a Dutch legend. Not everybody liked this, but what can I do, decline? Come on, it’s Cruijff!


He is our best known person world wide.

Well, I would say Van Gogh and Rembrandt, but it’s close.


It sounds nice to travel the world and make football inspired murals. Not a bad life!

It truly is. It gives me the chance to travel the world, meet people everywhere and do what I love. I do make painting in my studio as well, but love working outside.


How do you work?

First I make a design, than make a grit with full colour choices, which I then start putting on the wall piece by piece. What made this mural extra special was all the people from the neighbourhood helping out. Everyone was so welcoming. People from the area helped to paint. The inhabitants of the old people home the mural is painted on were so lovely. 


You never sign your work I noticed. Why?

I don’t sign my work. It’s not my thing. If somebody asks me to I will do it, but making it is more important to me than showing who made it.


Is there a mural which you are dying to do?

I want to paint Eusebio in Lisbon and Mozambique. So I have to go there to search for a wall and then try to get funding. 


Last question: how was your stay in our amazing city of Amsterdam?

I could live in Amsterdam. Love the welcoming people everywhere. I am going to make a mural in June hopefully at NDSM at the new Street Art Museum there, so I will be back soon!

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