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Interview Jeremy Kyle


Who is Jeremy Kyle?

I’m a 25 year old Visual Artist / Art Director working in watercolour and ink mixed media specializing in visual communication. 


Where do you reside? 
I live in Auckland, New Zealand.


Which athlete you get out of bed for to watch? And why?

Former All Black captain Richie McCaw, he is a national hero in our countries most loved sport, rugby. Nowadays I’m very interested to see the movements of Jimmy Butler from the Chicago Bulls.


Which sports team gets your blood pumping? And why?
New Zealand All Blacks as its such an intense game with a real physical side to it.


Do you play sports yourself?
Yes I do, I play hockey.


Who’s your favorite artist? And why?
Carne Griffiths and Artworkbylie as I think they have a cool style. 


What was the key moment your love for art grew?
When I saw that my art was inspiring others to take creativity seriously and to find self expression in school and university. 


How did your love for sports come about?
Playing hockey in primary school where I learned hard work and team work.  


When did sport become a subject of your own art?
A few years ago when I was experimenting on various subjects as seeing what was working and why. Shortly after clients wanted me to create for them and their sports brands.  


What is Jeremy Kyle’s style?
Loose and intuitive. Controlled chaos. 


And how did you get to this style? Or how did the style choose you?
Experimentation during University as I sort to express my clients music through art. 


Where do you create your artworks?
My home studio based in Auckland.


What is your favourite sport artwork you made? 

My favourite work is of my childhood hero Michael Jordan.


If somebody wants to see your work in real life, where do they have to go?
Frames Galore / Moko Gallery / Soul Gallery (good places to start). 


Which sport, sports team or athlete has always been on your mind, and is on the list to make a work of?
The Auckland Blues Rugby Team.


Which sport artist/colleague of yours do we have to check out?

Australian artist Shift Refresh


If you could choose one athlete you could make art with together for a day and he would teach you his skills, who would it be? And why?
Michael Jordan, as he is my childhood hero and enabled me to believe that with hard work and ongoing perseverance anything is possible.


Julius Caesar used to say (freely translated): “Give the people bread and games, and they will be quiet.” If you were Julius for a day, wanted to keep everybody relaxed, what food and which games would you give them?

Rugby and popcorn. 


When I say Art Loves Sport, what’s the first thing that pops up in your mind?
Sport website with awesome art. A place for sports brands to research into and see various illustrators they could possibility work with. 

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