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Holland Sport

Holland Sport was my favourite program on Dutch television for eight years straight. Unfortunately in 2011 the program stopped. It was made and initiated by well-known Dutch tv-makers and sportfanatics Wilfried de Jong and Matthijs van Nieuwkerk. It won several tv prizes. For a lot of episodes they made short videos, which have stuck in my mind forever. 


During the episodes these short videos with amazing close-ups, slow motions and captions showed the absolute beauty and surroundings of the different, often not so common too, sports. While also showing the determination, loneliness and mental state of the athletes. You feel like you are there with them. Pure art.


Shown here are videos of cycling classic Paris-Roubaix and the training of athletes Badr Hari, Henk Grol and Fabian Florant. Forgive the dutch chauvinism!


They made a lot more videos so be sure to check out the Youtube channel

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