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Art Loves Sport offers a broad group of services, each focused on creative

completion of exhibitions, projects, commissions and education. 

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Art Loves Sport organises events during sports events and matches in which watching sports and looking at sportart are combined. This allows the visitors to enjoy their favourite sports, but also look at art in their natural surroundings. Also smaller playful events are part of the events Art Loves Sport wants to organise. Furthermore, a true mission is to get replicas of sportart on the outdoor courts and fields children and youngsters play at. This way they will also get into contact with art in their natural habitat, while also bettering neighbourhoods by art in public space. Art Loves Sport has longstanding experience in managing big projects, so is also available to manage projects for others. 

Events & Projects

The Art Loves Sport website is the online place for visual sportart.  It’s an online museum with artist features, weekly blogposts, articles and artist interviews. Through the website Art Loves Sport promotes all of these artists to show what sportart is and which artist make interesting and unique works in this genre. This way Art Loves Sport has a worldwide network of artists who make sportart to contact for commissions and participation in exhibitions and events.

Online Museum & Artist Promotion

Art Loves Sport curates and organises autonomous exhibition. This way an even bigger audience will get into contact with sportart and get enthusiastic about art and sports. These are exhibitions curated to a certain theme, type of art, sport, tournament or artist. Art Loves Sport is also the one to ask if you want a sportart exhibition as part of an event you are organising, promotion of a brand or any other goal. Art Loves Sport is also available to curate office sportart to make your office and conference rooms unique. 

Exhibitions & Curator

Art Loves Sport has developed two workshops for primary schools (Kunst♡Sport) and for high schools (The secret love between sport and arts) that fit in the current art & crafts curriculum to let kids and youngsters experience and discover sportart. By talking about art and by making art, the goal is to make the kids and youngsters more enthusiastic about art, sport and sportart. Art Loves Sport is also available to make customized workshops for specific groups and schools. 


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