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Art Loves Sport is live!

Today is a special day! Art Loves Sport is live! I have been working on this website for half a year and now it's ready to officialy see the light of day!

This website is for art lovers. Sport lovers. But especially sportart lovers. Like me. A guy trying to bring art and sport lovers together. Trying to bring the art world and sport world together. Art Loves Sport is one of the ways I am trying the above mentioned goals.

On this site you will find artist and some of their artworks tributed to sports and athletes in their respective styles. The first thirty selected artists are for you to look at and explore.

Every month I will add (at least) six new artists and their works. Every week there will be blogposts with background stories, The Sportsong of the Week, interviews, reviews and so on.

You can also like Art Loves Sport on Facebook and follow me on Instagram to get all updates and stories.

Look around, read the blogposts, get inspired and enjoy! I know I still am!

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