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Streetart in Boca

If you are ever in Buenos Aires in Argentina, you have to go to the La Boca neigbourhood. Though it's not the safest of places to visit, so just visit it during the day and don't walk like a clueless tourist, it's the most beautiful place in Buenos Aires I think. When I walked around with my cousin while traveling South America, we saw a lot of people wearing Boca Junior shirts walking towards the stadium. We thought we were extremely lucky, because we could go see a game of the legendary club Boca Juniors! But there wasn't a game, the stadium was packed with people, because of legendary coach Carlos Bianchi was back for a third stint as head coach at the club. People were going wild for him when we walked into the crowd. After this special moment we visited the El Museo de La Pasión Boquense, with a lot of trophies, stories and tributes to Boca legends like Maradona, Martin Palermo and Roman Riquelme.

But the most beautiful football art was outside, just everywhere in the streets. The houses around the stadium are all painted in the recognizable Boca colors. Graffiti covering whole walls are everywhere. Truly a special place, with truly special and passionate people and football fans. Go visit if you have the chance!

(Grafitti wall on the way to the stadium)

(Graffiti on a house in La Boca and one of the houses painted in Boca Juniors colors)

(Graffiti wall with a Boca figure looking like one of our favourites Martin Palermo)

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