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Art Loves Sport on vacation

The first two and a half month of Art Loves Sport have been an amazing experience. All the positive reactions by the featured artists, sport lovers, art lovers and many more. It has been an affirmation of the idea of bringing art and sport more together! So thanks everyone for your reactions, likes, follows and help.

But everybody needs a vacation sometimes. Also Art Loves Sport. Monday we are traveling to Colombia for five weeks. So the weekly blogposts will probably not be done, but keep an eye out on Instagram and Facebook, because we will search for sportart there, make pictures and hopefully talk to some artists. Don't hesitate to e-mail if you want to ask something, this will be read and answered!

When coming back full of energy end of august Art Loves Sport is going to work even harder to get sportart to the people and the people to sportart. More blogposts, featured artists, articles, artist interviews and the first official Art Loves Sport exhibition! Hasta pronto!!

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