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Sportsong of the Week #15

"We play"

Nas & Kygo


The 2015 US Open finals weekend is this weekend, depending on if the New York weather allows it. Sportsong of the Week #15, the promotion video 'We play' of the tournament, is dedicated to the tennis stars still in the competition! Especially Serena Williams who can make history this weekend!

For two weeks each summer, tennis takes over courts across New York City. And it all culminates in Queens with the biggest major: The US Open. Therefore rap artist Nas, a true Queensbridge native, was asked to write a text as a promotion to the tournament on the song 'Piano Jam' by Norwegian DJ Kygo. As the lyrics describe: For two weeks this summer; One game holds us under the sway; Across the five burrows of the sunrise; Waiting all day; We play

This is an art form the Americans are truly masters of. Promotion, hype, emotional sports videos. A combination of music, lyrics, beautiful imagery and sports footage. They know how to create goosebumps! So watch this music video before you go watch the finals this weekend! It's smash hit material! Serves up!

Bonus US Open music and dancing: Jimmy Fallon and Justin Timberlake dancing in the stands to Beyonce; Djokovic dancing after a game with a real enthusiastic fan from the stands.

Full lyrics "We play" - Nas & Kygo

For two weeks this summer

One game holds us under the sway

Across the five burrows of the sunrise

Waiting all day

We play

From high to oasis

Uptown to downtown

Jungle to clay

Behind the grand window

There is a secret

Let's keep it that way

We play

In Flushing on courts named for jazzmen and heroes

The train ride away

The heat and the heartbeat

Rocking 'till midnight

Where legends are made

The US Open takes over

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