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Inspirations #1: Football

The goal of Art Loves Sport is to show sportart as diverse as possible. Different types of art, different types of sports and different artists. There are a lot of initiatives that inspire Art Loves Sport daily and continue to push me to add new content, artist or blogposts about sportart. On the territory of football there are a lot of initiatives that focus solely on the art of this beautiful game. Here I want to share the ones that inspire me with you!

Futbol Artist Network (FAN)

"FAN is the leading Football-only Art boutique providing services in the fields of Graphic Design, Illustration, Typography, Fashion, Fine Art, and Photography. FAN also sells football-related artwork, including licensed art by the world’s top teams and leagues, as well as Limited Edition Signed Prints from the greatest players of the beautiful game in collaboration with some of the world’s leading artists."

Art directed by Daniel Nyari, this is the place to find the most new football art!


"RMBR94 has the will to bring the supporter of football, who is perfectly fanatic or novice, to expand his perception of the beautiful game. Because, you see , football is anything but a sport."

This French website shows through different blogposts films, art, literature which show even more sides to the game of football.

The Antique Football

"The Antique Football provides you with your daily dose of football nostalgia, shared for educational purposes. We believe that this site will entertain you, but also expand your knowledge on our beautiful game. We will keep you captivated as we explore football’s history together with a focus on art, culture, and photography."

Originally started as a Twitter account, but now a truly inspirational website with the goal to educate us!

Form & Glory

"Form & Glory was born out of a desire to see the sports we love and the style we covet united in a carefully curated collection of goods and gifts: the sort of things you'd be happy to wear on your back or hang in your home."

You can shop per sport or category, but also for one of the 34 featured artist. Some of them are on the radar for quite some time already to get a feature here!

Eight by Eight

"Eight by Eight is a boldly designed large-format magazine born and raised in New York City. We focus on the game’s best teams, coaches, and players, and their stories, from the bubbling potential of America’s burgeoning programs to the storied traditions of Europe’s greatest clubs.It is our ambition to tell these stories through excellent journalism; aggressive, modern design; and the best illustration and photography."

An amazing hard copy magazine about everything football and is a true artwork to get four times a year!

Box 2 Box Football

"A website dedicated to the intrinsic beauty and decades-old traditions of association football attire. Welcome to Box2Box. Box2Box features the very best of terrace culture; from reviews and recommendationof shirt releases, to the untold stories that underpin the greatest game on earth."

If you want a vintage football shirt this is were you have to be!

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