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Inspirations #2: Basketball

The goal of Art Loves Sport is to show sportart as diverse as possible. Different types of art, different types of sports and different artists. There are a lot of initiatives that inspire Art Loves Sport daily and continue to push me to add new content, artist or blogposts about sportart. On the territory of basketball there are a lot of initiatives that focus solely on this beautiful game and the accompanying art. Here I want to share the two that inspire me most!


"Posterizes launched in 2012 and is according to their site 'the world's most popular NBA Art & Design team. They also publish The Mag, freely downloadable from their site, which just had its second issue! Amazing art and interesting stories and interviews about the game and the stars of today! Must follow if you are a fan of basketball and art!

Conscious Basketball Art

"Conscious is a brand of artists that loves the game of basketball, producing the most legit hoops art and exhibitions world wide." They worked together on issue #2 of The Mag and have a gallery in Taiwan. Since I discoverd them I have never been dissapointed with the art they show me on a daily basis!

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