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Sportsong of the Week #33

"Jurgen Klopp"

Artist Unknown


This weekend I'm visiting Liverpool with my best friend for a short vacation. So I had to post a sportsong from Liverpool to prepare myself for my visit to Anfield Road and to get in the right mindset! Therefore this weeks Sportsong of the Week #33 is a stadium song about new Liverpool FC coach Jurgen Klopp. Who wrote it is not known, but it's catchy as hell!

Before he even coached his first game, it was already written. If the fans are excited enough to write you a song after only a few days in the job, you're definitely on the right track! If Klopp's career directly correlates with the simple brilliance of this song it's gonna be a good run!

Here's to the new king of the Kop! Let's get a win on Sunday!

(Extra: the lyrics are sung on the tune of Black Lace's 'Agadoo')

Lyrics 'Jurgen Klopp' - Artist Unknown

Juuuuurrrrrgen Klopp Klopp Klopp, He’s the new king of the Kop, Jurgen Klopp Klopp Klopp, He will take us to the top, Champions League, FA Cup, He will win the f*****g lot, With Jurgen Klopp Klopp Klopp, He’s the new king of the Kop!


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