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Sportsong of the Week #41

"Now We Are Free"



Written by Hans Zimmer and Lisa Gerrard

(From OST Gladiator)

At the moment I am still in old Rome vibe, so it's no surprise that this became the Sportsong of the Week. A little later than normal. It also helps when it is from the official soundtrack of one of my favourite movies of all time: Gladiator. The way they had to train and fight for their lives makes it one of the toughest and baddest sports ever in my opinion. So to honour all the fallen gladiators this weeks song is 'Now We Are Free' written by Hans Zimmer and Lisa Gerrard.

The original score and songs of the Gladiator soundtrack were composed by Hans Zimmer and Lisa Gerrard and were released in 2000, titled Gladiator: Music From the Motion Picture. The Lyndhurst Orchestra performing the score was conducted by Gavin Greenaway. The album won the Golden Globe Award for Best Original Score and was also nominated for the Academy Award and BAFTA Award for Best Score! Truly deserved!

Spaniard! Spaniard! Spaniard!

Extra: Mash up between movie scenes and No Church In the Wild by Jay-Z and Kanye West (Feat. Frank Ocean)

Full Lyrics 'Now we are free' - Hans Zimmer & Lisa Gerrard

Anol shalom

Anol sheh lay konnud de ne um {shaddai}


Nom de leesh

Ham de nam um das

La um de


We de ze zu bu

We de sooo a ru

Un va-a pesh a lay

Un vi-I bee

Un da la pech ni sa


Un di-I lay na day

Un ma la pech a nay

Mee di nu ku

(Fast tempo, 4 times)

La la da pa da le na da na

Ve va da pa da le na la dumda

Anol shalom

Anol sheh ley kon-nud de ne um.



M-ai shondol-lee

Flavu… {Live on…}

Lof flesh lay

Nof ne

Nom de lis

Ham de num um dass

La um de



Shom de nomm

Ma-lun des



Alas sharum du koos

Shaley koot-tum.

English version:

Healing to me

And freely to you from Sol Omnipotens


Wings of Joy

Warmth of Day,

Sun of Dawn

O Sun of Yellow,

The Son of Righteousness,

Son of Morning Light,

Shine high and below!

Shine Aeonion!

Shine now, O Great I AM!


Shine now, O He Who Was!

Shine now, O Great to Come!

Now we are Free!

(Fast tempo, 4 times)

One the One now whom he was to be!

And the One by whom we now do all see

Healing to me;

Healing to you now freely from Sol:



For all the world too


Live on

Rays below,

Come now,

Wings of Joy

Warmth of Day, Sun of Dawn;

The Sun of



Flame by Day

From Our Lord



True Sun of Liberty

Healing you free.

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