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Game Point On Point!

(artwork by Jack Perkins)

Yesterday I received an e-mail from Andrew McNeill about the initiative he started a year ago called Game Point, a quarterly print basketball magazine honouring the creativity of hoops and the characters who shape the game. As a basketball junkie I was immediately intrigued!

Andrew has surrounded himself with an amazing group of writers and illustrators lined up and waiting to get to work on the first issue of Game Point. These contributors—including Elliot Gerard, Graydon Gordian, Jack Perkins, Michael Pina, Caleb Saenz, Ryan Simpson, Matthew Tynan and Jared Wade—have done work for Bleacher Report, ESPN the Magazine,, FanSided, FOX Sports,, Sports on Earth, VICE Sports, and more.

What will Game Point give us? A large, lengthy, high-quality magazine with sharp writing, beautiful artwork and clean design for basketball fans who appreciate the aesthetics and imagination found within the basketball universe. And 'Not only that, but it will look cool as hell displayed on your coffee table or nightstand and is sure to impress the pants off anyone who sees it.'

I support the cause and can't wait for the first issue to drop! They do need some funding still, so if you are also sold on the necessity click here to read more on the project and donate!

(artwork by Caleb Saenz)

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