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Sportsong of the Week #49

"Laat je banden zingen"

Lyrics by Hanz Mirck. Music & Arrangements by Wilco Stronks. Vocals: Jeffrey Zuhdy (lead & backing vocals), Marq van Mazijk (lead vocal), John Denies (lead vocal).


Sportsong of the Week #49 is a Dutch one I just found. And it's a gem. It is the official Giro D'Italia song 2016. For the Dutch city of Apeldoorn. The city where the Giro started this edition. 'Laat je banden zingen [Let your tires sing]' with lyrics by city poet Hanz Mirck and music by Wilco Stronks.

Mirck told that the title not only refers to cycling, but also figuratively on life: pushing yourself to the limit and conquering. With the sad fall of our Dutch cycling hero of the moment Steven Kruiswijk and his chances of winning the Giro fading, we could use something to make us smile again. And this video will!

Let's go Steven! Write history!

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