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Sportsong of the Week #53

"Wales vs Belgium"

Tom Jones by 442oons


Euro 2016 is going towards the final week. There has been a lot of surprises, dissapointments and great action. On Friday the Welsh national team surprised a lot of people ones again, beating one of the outsider favourites, Belgium, to get to the semi final of the tournament. Beating them painfully with 3-1. So as a tribute to this noteworthy achievement Sportsong of the Week #53 is 'Wales vs Belgium' by the 442oons version of Tom Jones!

442oons makes animated football-related parodies, cartoons and pics and shares them with the world! And I must say: they are really funny. In this song an animated Tom Jones sings about the game against Belgium and celebrates the victory. Be sure to take a look at more of their animation work, because it's sure going to make you smile on a Sunday morning!

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