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Sportsong of the Week #94

'Melo Ball 1'

Zo feat Kenneth Paige


Sportsong of the Week #94 is a song by new Los Angeles Lakers rookie guard Lonzo Ball aka Zo. The song is about his little brother LaMelo, who is the first high school basketball with his own signature shoe Melo Ball 1 of their own family Big Baller Brand. Born a Ball, that's just what it is!

Full Lyrics

[Chorus: Kenneth Paige] MB1s y'all ain't ready (y'all ain't ready) Youngest in the game, coming heavy I'mma win it all, I will never lose (I won't) Watch me kill 'em off when I drop my shoes Yeah, Triple B's in this thang Don't get bought up in this thang, nah (no way, no way, no way) Yeah, Triple B's in this thang We gon ball out in this thang, y'all (oh yeah) [Verse 1: Zo] See my little brother? He just doing him You can check the 'Gram, he got a million fans Got his brothers, he don't need no friends He's swagged out, he a walking gym The boy's blessed, yeah heaven sent Black Lamb, never paid the rent Hopping out with the MB kicks Got them cameras ready and they taking flicks Came in ready, and they hit or miss Triple B's gotta handle biz Three B's, no room for a sis Why you looking sour, man? We love the kids Born a Ball, that's just what it is I'm a king, lil bro a prince Throwing racks and you throwing fits How you hating and you banging this?

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