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Six new featured artist VI!

Every month to two months Art Loves Sport adds six new artists with their own feature to the online museum. Today six brand new artist get their shine! The theme this time is colour! Inspired by something artist Wassily Kandinsky ones said:

'In general, colour is the means to have direct influence on the soul with. Colour is the key. The eye is the hammer. The soul is the piano with all of her strings. The artist is the hand that with purpose vibrates the human soul.'

So colour is the key in the works of these artist! A big warm welcome to Italian designer Alessandro Pautasso aka Kaneda99, friends initiative Art of Sport, English action painter Ben Mosley, animator Chris Edser, New Zealand illustrator Jeremy Kyle and former mountain bike champion / artist Jim van Overbeek. Be sure to take a look and as always, get inspired and happy!

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